TR and TRNC Students


Exact Registration Dates

14-15-16 August 2017, Time: 09:00 am – 16:00 pm

Registration Place:

- ITU Ayazaga Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural Centre, Maslak/İSTANBUL

- ITU-TRNC Education and Research Campuses

Necessary Documents For Registration

  1. 1. Original of the exam result submitted in application. (SAT I, GCE, ACT, etc.)
  2. 2. Original High School Diploma and a notarized Turkish translation
  3. 3. Equivalence certificate of the diploma (from Turkish Ministry of Education-Board of Education and Discipline or Turkish Consulates abroad)
  4. 4. Notarized copy of the passport that issued a student or a tourist visa translated to Turkish by Notary.
  5. 5. Photos (6 copies, passport size)
  6. 6. Bank receipt of semester tuition fee. Tuitions are announced at
  7. 7. Blood Type Card

Important Registration Notes

  1. a) Candidates must apply in person for registration. Registation is not accepted by mail.

b)For registation, uncertified copy or photocopy of the required documents are not accepted.     Only when the original document is provided does the University accept the verified version.

  1. c) Registration procedure will not be carried out for candidates who provide incorrect information and incomplete documents.

d)The candidates who fail to register during interactive registration dates lose their entitlements and rights. 

e)Universities are authorized to begin a legal process against those who state false declarations for registration.